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Neville Jonathan Tambo



"The South African writer, son of a Dutch settler and a black princess of the Xhosa ethnic group, is certainly one of the most famous poets of his homeland.

Being a key figure during the time of the anti-apartheid movement at the beginning of ’90, Tambo had a significant role, along with Nelson Mandela and President De Klerk, in the fight for total abolition of discriminating measures against Black people. After being the candidate for Nobel Prize for literature several times, Tambo became the promoter and funder of a commemorative museum dedicated to the fifteen-year-old Hector Pieterson, first victim of the Soweto student revolt in 1976.

One of his most known poems is the emotional “Rolihla", literally, "the trouble maker", which is dedicated to Mandela because it describes his journey, from the origin of his nickname to his fight for human rights and long period in prison.”

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