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Riccardo Solieri


“Riccardo Solieri. His portrait was taken in 2005 while making the movie ‘Il gioco del mare’ by Pupi Avati (based on the best-seller “Liquida” with this picture on its cover). This film made him a dream of every teenage girl throughout Italy. However, from a girl's idol, Solieri has grown into an actor recognized both from the public and critics, making in a short period of time his own space in the Italian movie scene. In 2011 Riccardo was a nominated at "Nastro D'Argento" awards for “Confessione Preterinzionale” directed by Stefan Bellasich. Today,  together with Sergio Castellitto, he’s filming a six-episode TV series named ‘Il Segreto di Maria’. Like most of the actors, his personal life is often exposed in the tabloids. Before he turned twenty,  he was secretly married to Spaniard Evaluna Morales. Today they are still together, despite some stormy developments in their relationship. 



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