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Hanna Schoell


“Hanna Schoell, German actress and director. A women of anarchic-non violent inspiration, she got her education at the theatre school of Enrich Schagerl. In 2002, together with her husband Julius Huttemann, she created the “Schattentheater” considered to be the one of the most provocative artistic movements since the World War II, where the actors are reciting their roles completely naked. A rather complicated divorce from her husband, in 2007, and the involuntary psychosomatic reflex coming from the tragic  characters played for so many years in the theater, caused serious repercussions to her psychological profile, that culminated in two years spent in Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich. In 2013, she made her triumphal return to the stage. Today, together with her new partner, the director Wolfgang Becker, she divides her time between the artistic and social commitments”


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