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Los Niños de Sinfanà



real life 

“In the region of Sinfanà, in Colombia, the recruiting of boys and children for exhausting high risk activities is very widespread. Locally, the child labor is broadly accepted by the community because of the dramatic economic conditions that the majority of families are facing with. Because the territory is rich in coal mines, often illegally managed, it is estimated that every year more than six thousand of children (source: Fides Agency) less than 10 years old (who are considered as a precious low-cost labor resource) are recruited by “patrons” and destinated to work that is not only dangerous for their health, but also for their lives. At the moment, numerous organizations are adopting programs for economic and educational support for the benefit of families with children, in order to avoid their exploitation in extremely severe activities through the education and involvement in activities that are considered less dangerous, such as sewing or carpentry.”

© 2017 Mario Pietro Luras
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