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Giséle Lafenger



real life

“Giséle Lafenger, daughter of the Brazilian model Raquel Da Silva and German steel mogul Klaus Lafenger, is one of the twenty most wanted models in the world.

She earned a nickname "The Face" thanks to the perfect facial features that made her the main star of the global campaign for cosmetic giant l’Oreal, for which this shot has been taken.  Considered by her fellow Germans as the only real heiress to the other German top Claudia Schiffer, Giséle was in a long emotional relation with James Jagger, son of the famous rock icon. Miss Lafenger also is the idol of German animal organizations, not only because she renounced a multimillion contract for a fur campaign, but also for donating an equal amount of money for shelters and recovery of abandoned animals in the Upper Saxon Circle.” 

© 2017 Mario Pietro Luras
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