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Leonard Kovitski


“Leonard Kovitski, the youngest of four sons of a Polish family from Detroit, had a childhood full of humiliation and violence, either by the gangs of the Wyoming Street, where he lived, or by his own brothers who bullied him for his passion for school. Because the abuse he suffered, Leonard, in turn, expressed his anger by torturing stray animals of his neighborhood. When he was only seventeen, because of this "hobby", he was noticed by a member of the "Detroit Partnership" who, impressed by Kovitski's cruelty, hired him as a contract killer. Almost instantly he became famous for his capacity to inflict the cruelest tortures on the members of the rival gangs. Arrested in 2003, after managing to avoid a death sentence,  he was convicted and sentenced to 120 years in prison. Today he's serving his time in Daytona prison, where he got a Ph.D in philosophy after presenting his thesis “Perception of the mortality in the Western world” which many scientists consider to be very interesting.”


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