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Alvaro Stader


"Alvaro Stader was born from the marriage of Daniel Stader, officer of the Vatican Guards, and interpreter Patricia Sandoval. Gifted with high intelligence, he took his vows very young, seeming definitely destined for a brilliant church career. At only 22 years,  after graduating  in Sacra Teologia e Diritto Canonico, he became a professor and, a few years later, vice-dean of the Pontifical Roman Seminary. In 2006, the day before the consecration that made him the youngest Bishop in Italy at his 47, during a very popular talk show, he blamed some cardinals saying that  "the death of the God" was "in the arrogance of the Church”, arguing this way his well-known neo-socialist vision of the Christianity. This fact made him the object of a deep aversion by most of the members of the church hierarchy, even because  he ridiculed 

Cardinal Caffara, affirming  the tie between masturbation and homicide based of the generative potential of the male sperm, saying that it was a case of a “senile dementia”. Suspended several times, he's readmitted to the sacrament by Pope Bergoglio, to whom he asked to be moved to Lampedusa Island. "Der Spiegel" recently dedicated to him an article, “The Pope we want”."


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