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Evaluna Morales



real life 

"Evaluna Morales is the daughter of a Spanish landlord from the time of the Franco’s regime, currently mayor of the Alardera region in Spain. Being a rebellious through all of her adolescence, and after passing three stormy years in a public school, the young maverick was sent by her parents to the religious college "Sagrado Corazon" in Pamplona in order to finish the high school. From there she was expelled several times for her “scandalous behavior”, with the charges that she has seduced her philosophy professor. After she turned eighteen, she married that same professor, and subsequently divorced him after less than one year of marriage. In 2008, she came to Italy to work as a lector in Spanish language at the University of Venice, and later she moved to Rome, doing the same job at La Sapienza University. In 2010, she provoked the rage of Italian teenage girls after she met actor Riccardo Solieri, whom she married when he was only eighteen." 

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