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Eric Lantier


“Eric Lantier was born into a farming family in the province of Lione and joined the French navy at the age of eighteen. The contact with the sea changed his life forever and transferred him to a completely other dimension that ended up in one of the strongest relationship between the man and the ocean. Even though he graduated late in marine biology, he became one of the greatest connoisseurs and propagators of the sea world. An outstanding free diving expert, he retires in advance and moved to the island of Minorca where he started to fish and at the same time measured his abilities in deep diving. In 1973, he broke the free diving record of the famous diver from Napoli, Bonora, with 63 meters under the water with only one breath. The two of them were always competing against each other by breaking their records, until finally they became a legend. Today Lantier’s life is a movie directed by Luc Mornier with the role of the famous diver casted by Mark Hutton.” 


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