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Ben Alì Khemal


“Ben Alì Khemal, is a Kurdish terrorist, who is photographed in 2010 in a maximum security prison in Kartal, Turkey.

The same year, he managed to escape with a daring breakout, which forced the Minister of Justice to resign. About six months after being caught, he again succeeded in escaping thanks to a traffic incident that involved the police van that was taking him to a court hearing in Ankara.

The Turkish court issued an arrest warrant for Khemal, accusing him of having committed, from 2000 to 2005, seven abductions of public officials, of whom two were killed, and to have participated in the execution of the "Antalya massacre", in 2006. 

Khemal has always denied his involvement in this bloody attack.”


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© 2017 Mario Pietro Luras
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