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Richard Kheimà



real life 

“Richard Kheimà is a 27 year-old English-Cameroon star of the English Premier League and Southampton idol.

He is considered as one of the best attacking midfielders of all time. This talented player has recently been excluded from the English national team for the violent fight on the Newcastle field involving fullback Matt Golding, who, on that occasion, has suffered the fracture of three ribs.

After being suspended from the English championships for eight months, Kheimà said that he has no regrets for that incident which, according to him, has started because of a heavy insult of a racial basis by the English opponent. The so-called "television proof" has fully confirmed this version.

However, the sports sanction remained unchanged, provoking intense controversy in British society and media”

© 2017 Mario Pietro Luras
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