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Kazimir Uljanov 


Kazimir Uljanov, cosmonaut. Together with his colleague Capt. Volkov, in October 1991, he flew to the MIR space station. He was an U.S.S.R. citizen but, curiously, at the return on earth, in March 1992, he had become a citizen of the new Russian Federation because in the meantime the Soviet Union had dissolved into a number of smaller states. At that time, Volkov, already awarded as “Hero of the Soviet Union”, was very experienced, with 391 days in space and three missions at his belt between the 1980s and early 1990s. For Ulyanov, instead, the MIR mission was the first and last one, due to the subsequent cuts to space operations. In 1993 Kazimir was called to run, as Director, “Star City”, the cosmonaut Training Center close to Moscow. However, few months later he resigned in order to follow his fiancé Rivka Cohen, the famous model from Israel he married in 1994. Today Ulyanov lives in Tel Aviv where he founded a start up company in the Organic Farming sector.


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