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Marie France Jenkyns


“Marie France Jenkins is an Anglo-French psychologist and writer. In her most famous work, ‘Hidden Categories’, she tackled one very dramatic and yet, most of the times, invisible problem. In an emotional relationship – according to the Jenkins theory - it is possible to annihilate the partner even without any physical violence, but “by means of words, looks, insinuations”. Thanks to her, the expressions like “intangible violence” or “hidden moral harassment” became objects of discussion. In her book, which became a genuine post-feminist manifest, the psychologist analyzes the danger that exists in relationships where a dominant subject using such frequent and constant micro-conducts, which can last for years, pushes his victim to a vicious circle of depression, - or, even worse, to a suicide. Marie Jenkyns warns the audience against any attempt of trivializing this kind of behavior."


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