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Janette Francoise Fontaine


“Janette Francoise Fontaine is an ethnologist and explorer. During a nine month scientific expedition to the Amazon she came in contact with populations of the Matupiri region where she learned about rituals and customs of some lesser-known ethnic groups. Among them is "Mashtrà Guakajè", an esoteric ritual during which the participants have their faces painted with a special dark sticky juice of extremely aphrodisiac qualities. The juice originates from the cortex of the black birch, with a suitable local name ‘Guakajé’ (strong desire). When she came back to Europe, she transformed the use of this totally natural substance, into a fashion able to spice up the most exclusive and sinful parties of the high society from New York to Monte Carlo. Even Madonna and Lady Gaga wanted to celebrate their recent birthdays with the GuaKajé, thanks to which Janette is a special guest of honor at their parties.”


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