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Marta D'Ambrosio


“Marta D’Ambrosio, writer and author of a famous saga of Tokyo underground romance whose main characters are the transexual taxi driver Ikuta Nichi and the monk Nikko Kamahori. Marta is also the wife of Pietro Radice, painter and principal representative of the “static post-cubism”, a painting genre that originates from the Braque and Picasso movement (which however does not completely lead to the abstract while tending to take a distance from the figurative). Radice personally chose a pose for this shot, taking the inspiration from the artistic school that he animates with unique and recognizable features and for which he claims to be the sole important author. Lady D'Ambrosio has recently confirmed that the relationship with her husband is excellent even though the two of them, following a particular new-age philosophy, have chosen not to speak to each other for six years."


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