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Steven Alexander Benton


“Steven Alexander Benton, better known as 'the Skull', is the charismatic front man of TheScrubs, the transgressive English band founded in 1979 with his two college mates.

Due to excesses of its leader, the band was rather inactive from 1987 to 1992. In the same period, as a product of cooperation with David Bowie, Benton published the album “Nothing But The Blood”, which was sold in three million copies. In 2011, he refused to receive the title of knight from the Queen and he became engaged to a soap opera actress, Delia Robertson, giving her a 28 carat diamond ring worth 11 million dollars. After their break-up, the actress stated that she would wish to keep the ring “as a memory”. Only few days later, during an official ceremony, Skull donated his 2 million dollar watch, gift from the actress, to a piglet named Ben, attraction and mascot of the Guildorf Little Circus in Hyde Park, adored also by his youngest son Bart.”


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