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Adam Johansson


Adam Johansson, a very promising Swedish student in mechanics, at age 23 patented an ingenious bending press, and used the earnings to set up his own design studio. His success was not a matter of fortune, but the result of his special abilities and his uncommon determination. However, Adam’s life changed radically when, during a holiday in Rio de Janeiro, he visited the Favela of Cidade de Deus, and was profoundly moved by the living conditions of the children there, oppressed by poverty and violence. He sold his studio and patents, and moved to Brazil, where he opened a number of schools for mechanics (where he teaches), sports centres and libraries, with the aim of providing children with access to a suitable level of education. The huge popularity of his projects forced the controversial President Temer to follow his example by investing in similar projects throughout the country, for which Adam, known as “'O' Livreiro” (the Librarian), has accepted to be supervisor and sponsor.


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