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Gunter Kroess


Leader of the “Südtiroler im Herzen”, a political movement supporting the idea of an autonomous Tyrol but federate with the Italian State, he opposes the most radical formations, as the scissionist "Heimatbund". Climber of notable fame in his youth, Kroess is considered one of the most distinguished scientist in the field of ethology, currently holding a chair in Trento at the Department of Evolutionary Biology . Recently he caused much discussion because of some statements made during a public TV debate with Eva Klotz, the bold irredentist who claims the annexation of South Tyrol to Austria. Criticized for his political line, defined as "indecent" by lady Klotz, he replied as follows: "If you really cares about decency then you should start covering your "beaver" in public", referring to the madam’s well known passion for the nudism. Accused to be a sexist by some journalists he added: "... sexism has nothing to do with what I said, if she has been a man I would have told her to cover her "groundhog", ok?".


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