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Nina Busquete


“Nina Busquete, was born in Burach, a small Basque province hidden in Pyrenees. When she was only ten years old, on her way home from school she encountered an old man all dressed in white who, after he stopped her, explained the “mystery of the universe”, and asked her not to share it with anyone. Everything appeared to be a little girl’s fantasy: but, in the following days, Nina’s parents were absolutely helpless watching her drifting away and becoming more and more distant. The girl, who was refusing to do anything else, accepted only to spend her days sitting by the window and contemplating the sky. After being submitted to treatment of a famous exorcist of the Catholic Church, Padre Vittori, in order to verify whether she

was possessed by the evil or affected by some natural diseases, Nina shocked the prelate by revealing him some intimate things of his personal life of which only he was aware of. Terrified, he involved the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in this matter, and for two years now, they have been conducting the latest investigations. In the meantime Nina still continues to analyze the sky.”


real life 

© 2017 Mario Pietro Luras
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